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The ultimate SEL platform for elementary schools.

Zero prep | Full engagement | Game-changer!

/ Our Super Powers

Simplicity and Innovation

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/ Our Benefits


/ HeroesMade’s Benefits to

School Communities

  • Enhances prosocial behavior
  • Improves students’ attitudes
  • Reduces depression & stress
  • Decreases behavior problems
  • Improves overall school climate

/ HeroesMade’s Benefits to


  • Fosters stronger connection to students
  • Improves overall class climate
  • Requires minimal preparation
  • Makes SEL a fun and immersive process
  • Comes with HM SEL assessment 

/ HeroesMade’s Benefits to

the Students

  • Promotes self-awareness
  • Enhances self-management
  • Improves social awareness
  • Fosters relationship skills
  • Boosts responsible decision-making. See more benefits here

/ Why HeroesMade


We believe that understanding and managing human emotions and experiences can transform societies and the world. We know that by using the power of social emotional learning, storytelling and open guided reflection, educators can assist in developing healthy identities in children.

  • Downright the easiest way to deliver SEL
  • Super fun and easy-to-use interface
  • Immersive content and technology that streamline, simplify, and upgrade how our children learn social-emotional skills.
  • No preparation required from everyone involved
  • Brings out the hero in every child
  • 100% web-based and 100 % compatible for in-class or remote learning

/ Heroverse


Our purpose in HeroesMade is to constantly keep serving the wellbeing and self-improvement of anyone interacting with HeroesMade: children, teachers, parents, creators, and investors.

Our vision is to contribute to creating a world where the next generations of adults navigate their lives in improved societies with genuine effectiveness being resilient and competent, capable of standing up to things in the face of difficulties and fear, and keep moving forward on their own volition.

Welcome to the SEL Heroverse!

/ Grow and thrive


/ Everyone wins with Heroes Made

love it!

  • Create their avatars
  • Engage and focus through a fun & immersive experience
  • Enjoy their collective and individual journey
  • Love being the hero of their own stories

/ Everyone wins with Heroes Made

love it!

  • Experience an improved overall school and class climate
  • Save time, money and energy 
  • Benefit from increased academic performance
  • Benefit from increased leaderships and emphathy in students

/ Everyone wins with Heroes Made

love it!

  • Experience a fun, straightforward and effective SEL delivery method
  • Maintain management of their classrooms
  • Appreciate harmonious and productive classrooms
  • Need minimal preparation

/ Loving Hearts and Great Brains


Educators and parents want to see children have a good education, form lifelong relationships, make responsible decisions, and manage their ups and downs with strength and perseverance, achieving overall well-being, peace of mind, and happiness.

We believe in a world where humans understand, accept, and manage their emotions. In a world where schools repurpose themselves, teachers enjoy teaching, and children are delighted to learn and develop their individuality, along with others.

Our team in HeroesMade comprises of visionaries, people with a huge sense of responsibility as their driving force, observers, educators, and psychologists with loving hearts and great brains.

Our platform advances the collaboration process for content creation with our completely modular backend that can allow educators and other professionals to contribute their own stories. If you are interested as a professional educator to contribute to the platform, contact us!

/ We Commit


Our sole and pragmatic promise is to constantly act as a guide for children, educators, and parents to meet their emotional equilibrium while assisting the recreation of healthy school communities. Emotions are the invisible force that drives us, and we master our lives by mastering emotions and behaviors.

Join us on this incredible journey to create the next generation of extraordinary adults and watch the world change for the better!